Student Charter


The University of Lincoln is a community of scholars. As members of this community we all have responsibilities to each other, whether we are staff or students. This is not just an ideal, because when we work together in a partnership of mutual respect we enable each other to achieve our full potential and succeed.

This Charter has been developed collaboratively by the University and the Students’ Union. It sets out our respective responsibilities and what we can expect of each other. It is framed as a declaration of our shared values rather than a book of rules, and describes the way in which all members of the University should work together for the benefit of all.

Although this Charter is founded on the values that shape our community and bind us together, there are times when it is necessary to refer to the regulations (rules) and policies that govern the University. There are a significant number of these which aim to cover all eventualities and relationships within our institution. When you need to refer to the University’s regulations and policies, you can find them linked at the end of the Charter.

Universities are places that change and evolve as a result of internal and external factors. As the University changes, so too do our responsibilities as community members. Because of this, we review the Charter every year to ensure it meets our needs and enables us to respond to new challenges.

Ultimately, our Charter reflects who we are and helps us to ensure that in everything we do, we always have our students’ best interests at heart.

Professor Mary Stuart – Vice Chancellor
Sammi Storey – Students’ Union President


We treat each other with dignity and respect

As members of the University community we:

• Value diversity and recognise that different people bring different ideas, knowledge and perspectives that create a dynamic and exciting university culture
• Challenge inequalities and inappropriate behaviour
• Respect the rights of individuals to hold different beliefs and views and to express them through appropriate discussion and academic debate
• Use social media responsibly and never bring the University or its members into disrepute.

We inspire and enable learning

As staff members of the academic community we aim to:

• Provide a Higher Education curriculum which meets the needs of our students, with Student as Producer at the heart of the learning experience
• Provide high quality learning materials and provide support to each student in a way that is appropriate to them as an independent learner or researcher
• Develop and use new technologies to help students learn in a way that meets their needs and maintain high academic standards through fair and challenging assessments
• Advance our knowledge and understanding through research and scholarly activity which contributes to the global research community and enhances the reputation of the University.

We share responsibility for learning

As student members of the academic community, we:

• Use the information and guidance that is provided for us and the support available through service departments to enhance our learning and employability
• Make the commitment to study by using the learning resources and facilities available to us and take responsibility for our own learning and research
• Complete all scheduled learning, research and assessment activities
• Contribute to, and support others to contribute to, the academic exchange of ideas and interactions
• Uphold the highest standards of academic integrity.

We work together to support the University’s Strategic Plan and promote the University’s values

As members of the University community, we:

• Maintain and enhance the standards and reputation of the University, recognising the contributions we all can make as individuals and collectives
• Actively support the right of students to participate in the governance of the University by using the Students’ Union representation system and attendance at relevant committees
• Welcome constructive feedback to enhance the student experience
• Provide timely and accurate information about any changes which may affect the student experience
• Provide and make use of open and fair means to deal with our concerns and grievances and to learn from them to improve what we do
• Commit to an economically and environmentally sustainable future for the University.

Further Information


• Academic Appeals
• Assessment regulations for all taught and research courses
• Cancelled Classes Policy
• Complaints Policy – (Part E of the University Regulations)
• Extenuating Circumstances
• IT Acceptable Use Policy
• Library Regulations (as Part I of the University Regulations)
• Personal Tutor Policy
• Regulations on Student Created Intellectual Property
• Student Conduct and Disciplinary Procedure
• Student Engagement and Participation Policy

All are available via

Students’ Union

Information on all aspects of representation, participation and support is available at or telephone: +44 (0) 1522 886006

Information on support and advice is available at The Students’ Union Advice Centre email - or telephone +44 (0) 1522 837000.

Guidance and Information

Student Support Centre and Student Wellbeing Centre  or telephone: +44 (0) 1522 837080.