Senior Leadership Team

The University’s Senior Leadership Team is responsible for creating and implementing the University’s strategy

The Team is a key driver for the University’s strategic growth and is a focal point for the co-ordination of University business. It is also responsible for the direction of the University and in doing so performs a number of crucial functions. These include liaising internally with academic and administrative colleagues to ensure that the business of the University is transacted efficiently, is within legal guidelines and is financially sound and playing a key role in identifying where the corporate interests or the external profile of the University can be advanced.

The Senior Leadership Team is made up of the following members:

The Vice Chancellor

Professor Mary Stuart

Executive Assistant: Linda Marshall

+44(0)1522 886100

Deputy Vice Chancellor

(External Relations)

Professor Toby Wilkinson

Executive Assistant: Heather Smith

+44(0)1522 886156

Deputy Vice Chancellor

(Research and Innovation)

Professor Andrew Hunter

Executive Assistant: Rachel Mills

+44(0)1522 886104

Deputy Vice Chancellor

(Student Development)

Professor Sue Rigby

Executive Assistant: Tina Horton

+44(0)1522 886007

Deputy Vice Chancellor

Julian Free CBE

Executive Assistant: Rachel Mills

+44(0)1522 886104

Deputy Vice Chancellor

Simon Parkes

Executive Assistant: Tina Horton

+44(0)1522 886005

Pro Vice Chancellor / Head of College of Arts

Professor Matthew Cragoe

Executive Assistant: Lisa Elsender

+44(0)1522 837173

Pro Vice Chancellor / Head of College of Science

Dr Libby John

Executive Assistant: Tammie Farley

+44(0)1522 886882

Pro Vice Chancellor / Head of College of Social Science

Professor Sara Owen

Executive Assistant: Lucinda Gazzard

+44(0)1522 886356

Pro Vice Chancellor / Director of Lincoln International Business School

Dr Craig Marsh

Executive Assistant: Alice Mates

+44(0)1522 886060

University Registrar

Chris Spendlove

Personal Assistant: Julie Lubbock

+44(0)1522 886105

Director of Human Resources

Ros Pepper

Executive Assistant: Angela Hole

+44(0)1522 886776

Chief Finance Officer

David Braham

Personal Assistant: Trisha Ramsay

+44 (0)1522 886791

Director of Estates & Commercial Facilities

Harvey Dowdy

Executive Assistant: Cathy Robertson

+44(0)1522 837021

Director of Planning

Caroline Low

+44(0)1522 886676