Strategy and Vision

University of Lincoln's Strategic Plan 2011-2016

As a young, dynamic and vibrant institution, the University of Lincoln has created a transformational environment, is continually looking to the future and seeking out new challenges, and sees change as a catalyst of opportunity.

Our Strategic Plan sets out the direction for the development of the University of Lincoln over five years and is set within the context of a wider ten-year vision. With our distinctive reputation for a personal student experience and a belief that the research we do makes a real difference, the plan is a blend of continuity, by building on our existing strengths, and of change as we enter one of the most challenging and unprecedented times in the history of Higher Education in England.

The Higher Education landscape in which this strategy has been developed has changed significantly since the previous plan in 2007. Over the last four years, the University has grown in reputation and standing in the sector. The University is confident it can adapt and flourish in the new environment with a clear direction, focus and mission, ensuring that it is swift in its responses, adaptable where necessary but determined on continuing its trajectory as a strong, successful University.

To read our full Strategic Plan please download it as a PDF:

Strategic Plan 2011-16 (PDF)

Our Mission, Vision and Strategic Objectives

Our Mission: ‘A University looking to the future’ where we serve and develop our local, national and international communities by creating purposeful knowledge and research, confident and creative graduates and a dynamic and engaged workforce.

Our Vision: By 2016 we will be recognised internationally as having a distinctive reputation for a strong ethos of partnership with employers and students and providing a research-engaged academic experience which has at its heart a personal student experience.

Our Strategic Objectives:

  • To continuously improve our learning environment based on a personal engagement with all students, with high-quality research-engaged teaching and learning where students create and develop new knowledge in collaboration with their lecturers
  • To promote an internationalised culture of enterprise and innovation across our communities - locally, regionally and internationally, working closely with employers
  • To develop and promote purposeful knowledge and research and develop innovative practices working to support the changing environment
  • To help students develop into highly engaged, employable and creative-thinking graduates who contribute to the development of the society and economy
  • To create a financial environment to allow us to invest in our future.

Teaching & Learning Plan

The Teaching and Learning Plan is aligned to and supports the University of Lincoln’s Strategic Plan 2011-16. It underpins the University’s strategic objective to continuously improve its learning environment and its personal engagement with all students through high-quality research-engaged teaching and learning (known as ‘Student as Producer’) where students create and develop new knowledge in collaboration with their lecturers.  The Plan also aims to strengthen the status and quality of teaching and learning across the University and to ensure that students have access to best achievable teaching and learning spaces, technology and other learning support.

Teaching & Learning Plan 2011-2016 (PDF)

Digital Education Plan

The Digital Education Plan addresses the objectives of the Strategic Plan and the performance indicators which have been set around the use of the digital technologies and digital media in the Teaching and Learning Plan. It is also designed to ensure that the University of Lincoln has a digital education environment which not only meets our communities’ and stakeholders’ immediate needs and expectations, but which also positions us well to prepare for and negotiate an uncertain digital future with confidence.

Digital Education Plan (PDF)

Student Engagement Strategy

The University of Lincoln prides itself on leading the sector for student engagement within its teaching and learning and research.

is the underlying principle of student engagement at the University, encouraging students to be active participants in the strategic direction of the institution as well enabling real project experience.

The Student Engagement Strategy is the supporting documentation to encourage students to be active participants in developing University strategy, projects and research.

Student Engagement Strategy 2012-16 (PDF)