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Our academics undertake research that addresses the pressing issues of today. Along with students, they are engaged in cutting-edge research in areas including: stem cell biology, heritage conservation, cancer treatment, political engagement, power generation, animal cognition and welfare, child language development and food security.

It is vital that we support those who are learning, teaching and researching by ensuring they have the opportunities, facilities and resources to reach their full potential.

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A research team, led by the University of Lincoln's Professor Nigel Allinson, is working to develop more effective radiotherapy treatment for thousands of cancer sufferers by providing unique monitoring and imaging for patients receiving proton therapy. 

“The project is a perfect example of how advances in the physical sciences can contribute to the search for solutions in healthcare. The technology holds much promise for improving treatment for cancer patients and we are pleased to support its development.”

Ted Bianco, Director of Technology Transfer, Wellcome Trust