University of Lincoln Logotype Use

Using Our Logo

Permission to use the University's logo must be obtained, in writing, from the Director of Communications, Development & Marketing (see below) before use. Failure to do so will be an infringement of intellectual property laws.

Our logo is supplied in two colour versions: with black text or with white.

Crest Greyscale Example      University of Lincoln Logo on black

On lighter backgrounds, use the black text version while on dark backgrounds use the white form. Always use the version that gives maximum contrast and legibility.

The lettering can also be foil blocked in silver.

Exclusion Zone

The ‘exclusion zone’ is the clear area that surrounds the University’s logo.

To ensure that the logo remains clear and has impact, nothing should appear inside the exclusion zone.

The exclusion zone for the portrait logo is 15% of the height of the logo.

Exclusion zone for logo

The exclusion zone for the landscape logo is 25% of the height of the logo.

Exclusion zone for logo horizontal

If the logo is positioned over a background image, this can be considered clear space as long as it does not impair the visibility or legibility of the logo.

Our Logo: Dos and Don’ts

It is essential our logo is used correctly and consistently otherwise we will compromise and weaken our brand identity. Therefore:

  • never leave out either of the elements (words or image)
  • never stretch or distort it
  • never alter any of the colours
  • never use another typeface within the logo
  • never display the logo at an angle
  • never place elements in the exclusion zone
  • never use the logo on a background image that makes it unclear or where there is insufficient contrast.

Colleges, Schools and Departments

Individual Colleges, Schools and Departments must not create their own logo as this will dilute the University’s brand. If you wish to have a logo drawn up within the brand for your College, School or Department please contact 

Dissertation covers

Students who wish to use the University of Lincoln logo on their dissertation may do so without asking permission. Please use (below) the MS Word version for print or, the PowerPoint point version if you are producing a digital presentation. 

Word & PowerPoint templates

Word and PowerPoint templates are available to staff and students via the Corporate Branding Portal pages.


The style for staff recruitment and programme advertisements will be applied automatically by the HR and Marketing Departments.

Logo Download

* To view downloads, please confirm that you have read and accept the terms of use as laid out on this page.

Further Information

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