Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP)

A Knowledge Transfer Partnership is a relationship formed between a company and an academic institution ('Knowledge Base' Partner), which facilitates the transfer of knowledge, technology and skills to which the Company Partner currently has no access. 

Thus, KTP are one of the UK's largest graduate recruitment programmes and are partly funded by the Technology Strategy Board and other Research Councils.  The average project cost is £44k per annum, for which the funders offer up to 60% subsidies depending on the size of your organisation. The agreed project could be for any length of time between 26 weeks to 3 years, depending on your business need.

Each partnership employs an Associate to work in a company on a project of strategic importance to the business, whilst also being supervised by an experienced academic specialist at the University of Lincoln. The Associates can be postgraduate researchers, university graduates, or individuals qualified to at least NVQ (Level 4) or equivalent.

At the heart of each Knowledge Transfer Partnership is the relationship between a company and staff at the University of Lincoln applying their expertise to a project that is central to the development of the Company partner.

Who can take part?

KTP has worked for over 3,000 organisations. Businesses and organisations of all sizes and sectors may participate in Knowledge Transfer Partnerships and take advantage of:

  • The expertise of academics and researchers at the University of Lincoln
  • The knowledge and skills of a graduate working on a project central to the needs of the company.

Small, medium and large businesses are gaining the following advantages through participation in Knowledge Transfer Partnerships:

  • improved product design;
  • development of new products and markets;
  • streamlining of their manufacturing processes;
  • heightened quality;
  • reduced costs;
  • increased sales.

The University of Lincoln has a wealth of experience with these schemes. It has conducted more than 60 projects with companies large and small, local, regional and national, private and public sector.

If you would like to find out how your business could benefit from a Knowledge Transfer Partnership, call Research & Enterprise Development on 0800 915 5278 or email research@lincoln.ac.uk.

Further information on the scheme can also be found on the KTP website

Graduate Blossoms at Interflora

InterfloraA University of Lincoln Media Production graduate has added a new dimension to Interflora’s online sales by using video clips to showcase products.

David Clancy is one of the University’s Knowledge Transfer Partnership associates who has been developing Interflora’s website and other online communications. He also produces a bi-monthly webcast for Interflora and has travelled to the Interflora World Cup in Shanghai to provide video clips for Facebook and YouTube.

Interflora KTP “Interflora is a great brand to work for and to have my work seen by 500,000 people every year is fantastic. It is a long-established company but the people there are very forward thinking and willing to try new things out,” says David.

“David is looking at the strategic direction and development of our new media including video and online,” says Sally-Anne Sharp, Online Customer Experience Manager at Interflora.

“Because of his unique skill set other departments have utilised him for the production of video and social media such as Facebook and for email campaigns.

“He has improved communication channels for our retail department with production of a live show which was broadcast to our network of 2,000 florists and filmed and produced content for the Interflora Conference.”