Bespoke Courses

Bespoke Courses

Tailored Intervention for Optimal Performance

At the University of Lincoln, we understand that all companies are different. You will have specific training needs for your staff so together with our knowledge and expertise we can develop specific bespoke programmes for your business.

These can be short courses to remedy a specific problem or a long term development programme aimed to help develop the skills of your team in line with current or future challenges.

Programmes can be University accredited and can involve attainment and award of a postgraduate or undergraduate degree specific to your business. Employees value the opportunity to achieve recognition of skills and develop transferable recognition of their abilities.

We are working with many organisations that have chosen this approach to ensure their employees develop the very specific skills needed to meet their business requirements and objectives.

Discuss your training requirements with one of our business experts by contacting Research & Enterprise Services on 0800 915 5278 or

In House Corporate Development

Ardagh Glass  Ardagh Glass is one of the largest glass packaging manufacturers in Europe. It has 20 manufacturing facilities across seven countries, and more than 6,500 employees who produce more than 13 billion glass containers each year.  

The University of Lincoln work with the company’s UK division and has involved both university-accredited and non-accredited bespoke leadership and management development activities and programmes. This has been at all levels – from supervisory grades though to junior, middle and senior managers, as well as director development through an in-house Executive MBA.

Each programme is designed in partnership with the organisation and is vocationally based and focused on the current issues facing the company and its staff. The learning methodologies used are varied and include lectures, problem-based learning, guest speakers, seminar-led activities, workshops and action learning sets, which address organisational issues.

The impact across Ardagh Glass has been considerable, it has added value at both operational and strategic levels. The University of Lincoln's accredited bespoke postgraduate Certificate and Diploma courses in Management are now the preferred model for the company’s future management development activities in its European operations.