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Professor Paul Squires, School of Life Sciences biomedical science researcher

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At the University of Lincoln, we understand that innovation means something different to every business. Innovation can help your organisation become more competitive, increase sales, enter new markets and adapt to the changing expectations of your customers.

By connecting you with our internationally renowned academic experts, we can help you to develop innovative solutions for the specific challenges faced by your business.

Many organisations, from dynamic new start-ups to big name multi-nationals, have benefitted from collaborations with our academic experts through research and consultancy projects spanning a wide variety of industrial sectors. Whether it's a one-off consultancy project or a major programme of industrial R&D, we can help you identify academic talent to achieve your goals. 

lab working Research Collaboration

At the University of Lincoln, we understand that the best research outcomes are achieved through collaboration with others. The University is keen to explore where new partnerships and collaborations might work to uncover original areas of research, or contribute innovative knowledge or cutting-edge solutions to critical problems and challenges faced by businesses or the wider community.

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Join organisations including Marks & Spencer, Siemens, Mitsubishi, the MOD, and English Heritage who've worked with our academic experts. We have wide-ranging experience of collaborating with industrial partners on commercial projects. Our in-house team offers an efficient, confidential and commercially aware service to help businesses identify suitable consultancy and partnership opportunities.

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Exterior image of National Centre for Food Manufacturing NCFM 2017

The National Centre for Food Manufacturing has been central to product development for my business, giving me access to both expertise and facilities that as a small business I would otherwise not have had. Working with the team at Holbeach has given me the opportunity to build and keep building my business, and I look forward to continuing to work with them as my business develops and grows.

Claire Hall, Founder, Percy’s

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP)

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) can help your business benefit from our knowledge, technology and skills.

KTPs are a UK-wide programme that supports businesses to bring in new expertise by linking them with a university academic and highly skilled graduate. The University of Lincoln has conducted more than 60 KTPs with organisations of many different sizes and sectors, including national award-winning partnerships.

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Sparkhouse Business Incubation Centre

Sparkhouse is the University of Lincoln's business incubation centre for fledgling start-ups, located on our Brayford campus.

The centre provides access to support services, knowledge, and facilities to help you start and grow your business. It offers a range of office spaces for rent on flexible terms, as well as virtual tenancy options. New and young businesses can benefit from a supportive and collaborative culture alive with innovation and creativity.

The nearby Think Tank offers eco-friendly workspaces for more established businesses in creative, technology and manufacturing sectors.

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Lincoln Science and Innovation Park

Opened in 2017, the Boole Technology Centre, was purpose-built to provide flexible, self-contained premium office and laboratory space for growing science and technology firms in a beautiful modern building. 

It is located on the Lincoln Science and Innovation Park, a community of innovators, entrepreneurs and researchers based close to the University campus in Lincoln's historic industrial heartland.

The Boole Technology Centre is suitable for established and growing technology businesses looking for quality serviced facilities in a highly collaborative and innovative environment.

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Research News

Nanomedicine: Drugs Can Be Made ‘Smarter’ Using New Drug Design Technology

A new method has been developed to make drugs ‘smarter’ using nanotechnology so they will be more effective at reaching their target.

First Proof a Synthesised Antibiotic is Capable of Treating Superbugs

A "game changing" new antibiotic which is capable of killing superbugs has been successfully synthesised and used to treat an infection for the first time – and could lead to the first new class of antibiotic drug in 30 years.

Wolf Dogs

New Genetic Research Shows Extent of Cross-Breeding between Wild Wolves and Domestic Dogs

Mating between domesticated dogs and wild wolves over hundreds of years has left a genetic mark on the wolf gene pool, new research has shown. 

Bush Crickets

Bush Cricket Research Could Lead to Better Sensors which More Accurately Mimic True Hearing

A new research project which will examine the three steps of hearing in the bush-cricket’s ear could lead to improved miniaturised sensors which more accurately mimic true hearing.


New Report Tackles Gender Diversity in Scottish Parliamentary Committees

A new report examines gender diversity of witnesses to Scottish Parliamentary committees and provides a series of recommendations to improve the diversity of witnesses invited to provide oral evidence.


The Conflict Between Males and Females Could Replace the Evolution of New Species

New research shows that males and females of the same species can evolve to be so different that they prevent other species from evolving or colonising habitats, challenging long-held theories on the way natural selection drives the evolution of biodiversity.


Dyslexia Does Not Reduce Pass Rates for UK GP Licensing Exam

UK GPs with dyslexia are just as likely to pass the knowledge component of the licensing exam as their counterparts, a new study by researchers at the University of Lincoln, UK, has found.

CORA logo

Business Experts Set to Tackle the Rural Digital Divide

A team of researchers at the University of Lincoln, UK, have been awarded £200,000 as part of an international project to tackle the digital divide between rural and urban areas in the North Sea region of Europe.