Visas For Overseas Students Attending Graduation

My visa will expire before my graduation ceremony, how can I attend my graduation?

If your visa expires before your graduation ceremony you will need to return home before your visa expires and apply for a Standard Visit Visa to return to the UK (your family can also apply for this visa). When you are issued with a Standard Visit Visa you can then attend graduation using this visa to travel to the UK. It can take some time to receive this visa so you need to apply well in advance of your graduation ceremony. There are a number of documents you need to prepare for the visa application and this may also take some time. It is important that you research this visa carefully to ensure your visa application is successful.

For more information about Standard Visit Visas, visit our website.
Information from the Home Office about Standard Visit Visas is available on the website.

If you have any questions about your visa please contact the International Advice Team either by emailing or if you are in Lincoln attend their drop-in Monday-Friday between 12pm-2pm in the Student Support Centre.