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Graduation - Frequently Asked Questions

This page should answer any questions you may have about your graduation ceremony; how to book your place, what to expect and what you should bring with you. Click on a question below to read the answer. If you have any further queries, please do get in touch using the contact details on the right hand side of the page.

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What if I wish to register after the deadline?

Please refer to Terms & Conditions section 1.2.

When will I receive my tickets?

No tickets will be sent in the post. We will send you a ticket email approximately one week before the ceremony. This ticket email is to be brought with you as proof of ID, so that you can exchange it for your tickets on the day of your ceremony (you are to collect your own ticket, your guest tickets and any extra tickets you may have purchased). 

Will there be extra tickets available?

Extra tickets will be subject to availability and the number available for each registered student to purchase will be calculated for each ceremony after the registration deadline. If extra tickets are available these will be limited in number and sold on a first come first serve basis. All registered students will be informed by email with details on how many extra tickets can be purchased for each ceremony, and when extra ticket sales will be available for purchase. Extra tickets will be available to purchase through the graduation registration website at a cost of £15 per ticket (Including VAT).

How much do tickets cost?

Your own ticket and your first two guest tickets are free. Extra tickets cost £15 each.

I need a visa to come back to the UK for my Graduation Ceremony, how do I request this?

You will need a visa request form which you can acquire by emailing They will then be able to send you a Certificate of Study.

How do I hire my gown?

Please visit our suppliers WM Northam's website. It is advisable to hire your gown at least 2 weeks before the graduation ceremony. Please note that it is a compulsory requirement to wear a gown at the graduation ceremony.

Where do I collect my gown on the day?

The gowns will be available to collect on the day of the graduation ceremony from the Castle Grounds.

What should I wear?

The dress code for the ceremony is smart. Remember that academic gowns do not hide what is worn underneath, so what you wear will be very visible to the entire congregation. Gowns are also more difficult to wear over very casual clothes as they do not ‘sit’ well on the shoulders. Buttoned shirts are helpful for securing your gown hood and jackets help keep the gown in place. Your gown will slip if worn over silky fabric and very low‐cut tops leave you with no means of keeping the hood in place. Please avoid jeans, trainers, casual sandals, open‐necked shirts, T‐shirts and shorts as they are inappropriate for a formal Graduation ceremony. Finally, remember you will have to wear a mortar board, so take care that your hair style will allow you to do so.

Do I need to order my photographs?

You are not required to pre‐order your photographs. Photography packages will be available on the graduation day and will vary in price. If you wish to see what photography packages are available, then please do so at Tempest Photography.

How long is the Graduation Ceremony?

The Graduation Ceremony approximately lasts 1 hour 15 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes.

Can I sit with my friends?

Graduands are allocated their seat according to their school, cohort and by surname. The seat number is printed on the graduand ticket. It is very important that you sit in the correct seat to ensure that you are called on stage in the correct order.

Can I take photographs during the Graduation Ceremony?

Although photography is allowed at the Cathedral you are required to stay in your seat during the ceremony proceedings.

Can I bring along guests who haven’t got a ticket?

Guests without tickets are welcome to attend the graduation day. They are welcome within the Castle grounds, but will not be permitted entry to the Cathedral or the celebration marquee. They are welcome to join in with the photography and access any other areas of the Castle grounds without a ticket.

Can I bring babies/children to the Graduation Ceremony?

If at all possible we would suggest that guests do not bring toddlers or babies to the graduation ceremony. However, we do not have any restrictions on who can attend a ceremony. If you attend with a very young child or child in a pushchair we ask you to sit at the back of the Cathedral in case you need to leave if they become restless and create a disturbance. We ask you to do this as any noise is amplified in the Cathedral and can quite easily spoil the special day for all the other guests and graduands. Please note that due to health and safety regulations only young children (under the age of 2) will be able to sit on laps. Children who require a seat of their own will require a ticket, those under three who are to sit on a lap or are in a pushchair will not need a ticket.

Where are the Cathedral and Assembly Rooms?

The Assembly Rooms and Cathedral are located in the Bailgate area of Lincoln. All the venues will be well sign‐posted.

Where can I park?

There is no designated parking available for the graduation ceremony. However, there are several pay‐and‐display car parks in the Castle/Cathedral area. These spaces also have disabled parking bays.
Lincoln City Council Parking Map

Where is the Celebration Reception taking place?

The celebration reception will be held at the celebration marquee at the Castle after the graduation ceremony. Please take your drinks vouchers to claim your free drink.

What if I have registered but I can’t attend?

Please contact the Graduation Team via to cancel your place.