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Top Tips for Clearing

A-level results day can be a blur of activity and emotion, particularly for those at the centre of it; so being prepared in advance will help you stay calm and make the best decisions for your next steps.

What it’s like going through Clearing

Going through Clearing is a bit stressful, but it is doable, and it may only take one phone call for you to know that a University place has been secured at a University you would still love to attend. Alice (3rd year Computer Science student)

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Here’s our top tips to help you successfully navigate your way through Clearing. 

  1. Get up and get your results early as the early bird catches the worm. The University of Lincoln Clearing centre opens at 7.30am.
  2. Have the University of Lincoln Clearing hotline number ready in advance (0808 164 4444).
  3. Be prepared to be patient – there are lots of other people in the same boat as you.
  4. Phones will be busy – if you don’t get through the first time then keep calm and keep trying.
  5. Go home and find a quiet space to make your calls – don’t call from school with friends, it is noisy and distracting and you need to focus on your future.
  6. Have your results ready and in front of you for when you phone.
  7. Have a copy of your personal statement to hand so, if you are put through to an admissions tutor, you are ready to sell yourself.
  8. Be prepared to be flexible and realistic in your choices. We have a full list of courses available at the University of Lincoln through Clearing.
  9. Ask for support from family and friends but remember this is your choice, you are the one who will be studying the subject so choose something you love.
  10. Ask questions - if someone offers you a course and you don’t know what it is, ask them to explain.
  11. Be prepared to visit – 3 years is a long time to call somewhere home – make sure you go and look around and that you like it.
  12. Make the call yourself, don’t ask your mum and dad or friends as Universities will not be able to speak to them.
  13. Make sure your mobile is fully charged.
  14. Have a pen and paper to hand to keep notes of who you spoke to where.
  15. Ask for confirmation by email – get your offers in writing.
  16. Once you have accepted your offer check out fresher’s week.
  17. Start making Friends for Life - Join us on Facebook and Twitter and find out who you will be living and studying with.
  18. Celebrate your place and your new future.