Research Groups and Centres

The College of Social Science is home to research that has the ability to change our understanding of individuals’ relationships with society. From Government policy to sport performance, an extraordinary breadth of topics is covered by the School’s Research Centres and Groups.

Collaboration across disciplines has led to a dynamic research culture, which has ramifications on a local, national and international scale. 

Across the University of Lincoln, research underpins all our academic endeavours. It enables us to discover, create, disseminate and preserve knowledge.

It is our mission to pursue the highest standards of research excellence with the most talented academics, researchers and students attracted from across the UK and abroad.

Through continued development and investment, we support a vibrant culture of inquiry and initiative, building leadership and research capacity in scholarship and professional practice.

The University of Lincoln is an institution that believes in research that makes a difference. With our strong public mission and a passion for partnership, we have developed an unparalleled place to study and research, where an innovative, open and collaborative culture for scholarship thrives.


For more information on research projects at The College of Social Science please see the list below, or visit our Research blog page

Research at The School of Education

The School of Education is an active community of academic, student and practitioner researchers who are committed to educational studies that make a difference. Our interdisciplinary and collaborative work aims to inform the improvement of thinking, practice and policy across many educational contexts from schools and universities to informal learning spaces and theoretical debates.

Science and Technology Education Group (STEG)

Research in Critical Education Studies (RiCES)

Research at The School of Health and Social Care

A major focus of the School's research strategy lies in developing partnerships with a wide range of communities, services and researchers in order to design and deliver projects which are beneficial to service users and which influence policy, practice and procedures in health and social care services.

Community and Health Research Unit (CaHRU)

Research in Mental Health, Health and Social Care (MH2aSC)

Healthy Ageing Research Group (HARG)

Research at Lincoln Law School

Research within the School includes a broad array of doctrinal, empirical and theoretical work, as well as exploring Law’s role in broader social science complexities, particularly at the European and global level. Areas of specialism focus on critical issues affecting the modern world, and in which law has a central role, including global environmental change, human rights (including gender equality), dispute resolution, and corporate governance.  

Lincoln Centre for Environmental Law & Justice

Law in a Global Context

Conflict and Disasters Research Group

Research at The School of Psychology

The School of Psychology has a strong and growing reputation for excellent fundamental and applied research with international impact. Our research is supported by a wide range of funding bodies, published in top-ranking journals and presented at international conferences.The school fosters a vibrant and outward facing culture and encourages members of the public and non-academic organisations to become partners and collaborators in our research.

Forensic and Clinical Research Group

Participation, Action and Cognition Research Group

Development and Social Behaviour Research Group

Autism Research Innovation Centre

Research at The School of Social and Political Sciences

The school aims to continuously improve its research environment by investing in the building of key research capabilities and resources; underpin the continued professional development of researchers; raise the impact of research outputs; and strengthen the postgraduate offering.

Research Summaries


Research at The School of Sport and Exercise Science

Research scientists within the School aim to support and promote excellence in applied research. We work with communities, professionals and practitioners and conduct interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research in areas aligned to sport and exercise science, sports development and coaching. These encompass areas of physiology, biomechanics, sociology and psychology.

Biofeedback in Sport Research Group

Health Advancement Research Team (HART) 

Mental Toughness Research Group (mTOUGH) 

Physiology of Exercise and Sport Performance

Youth Sport Research