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It is easy to see why students are attracted to English. The texts you will study are those which have been singled out as the liveliest, the most stimulating and enduringly enjoyable in the English language. Most of them were written for the pleasure of the reader and all of them are studied because readers agree on their compelling interest and importance.

The subject of English is fundamentally concerned with how people use language to make sense of the world and of each other. In English at Lincoln our aim is to enable you both understand literature and to develop your own confidence and articulacy. The course combines the study of the traditional canon English literature – Shakespeare, the Victorian novel, Romantic poetry – with other, less established writing – African and Asian literature in English, America literature, women’s writing, popular culture, creative writing, film and contemporary drama.

At the University of Lincoln you can study English as a single honours subject or with another subject chosen from a range of possibilities for a joint degree. The single subject programme gives you the opportunity to study a range of literary works, to investigate written and spoken language and to develop your writing skills. The aim is to produce graduates with an all-round understanding of English Studies in order to open up the maximum number of opportunities for careers or further study.
Single honours students reading English take four English modules per semester. Joint honours students, i.e. students reading English with another subject, take two English modules, and two modules from their other subject per semester.

“Studying English at the University of Lincoln is the best decision I have ever made. The texts, the ways of reading and the new ideas I have discovered are amazing.” Catherine Parry. BA (Hons) English student.

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