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Research Institutes and Centres

The University’s Research Institutes, Centres and Groups sit at the heart of our research agenda and are responsible for much of our research outputs and performance. As key sites of research inquiry and scholarship, they form the rich, collegiate environment where research carried out by our academics, students and partnerships is underpinned and nurtured.

To establish the University’s standing and increased reputation for quality research and strategic partnerships with funders, government and business, we have chosen to actively place our Research Centres and Groups at the heart of our strategic plans. 


College of Arts

The Research Centres within the College of Arts encompass a wide range of specialisms spanning architecture, art and design, conservation, cultural studies, journalism and performance.

College of Arts Research Centres

College of Arts Research Groups - Frequency Festival


College of Science

The Research Centres in the College of Science bring together researchers who are pushing boundaries and exploring new synergies in the areas of computer science, robotics and image engineering.

College of Science Research Centres

Science Research Centres


College of Social Sciences

The College of Social Science has two major Research Centres which provide the focus for academics studying themes from public policy to entrepreneurship, which shape our society and economy.

College of Social Science Research Centres

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Lincoln International Business School

Research is organised primarily around six research groups which draw together staff from across disciplinary boundaries within the School, plus associate members from other parts of the University and beyond. 

Lincoln International Business School Research

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Lincoln Higher Education Research Institute

The Lincoln Higher Education Research Institute (LHERI) has been established to foster and support existing and new higher education research at Lincoln; providing a platform for excellent and useful research being undertaken at the University (independently or with external partners). LHERI aims to develop expertise and impact through guidance and support to colleagues and by facilitating effective internal and external partnerships.

Lincoln Higher Education Research Institute

Lincoln Higher Education Research Institute

Lincoln Institute for Agri-Food Technology

The LIAT includes academics and researchers from across the Lincoln Business School, Schools of Computer Science, Engineering, and Life Sciences, and the National Centre of Food Manufacturing, who are all cooperatively working to develop new technological solutions for the food and agricultural industries.

Lincoln Institute for Agri-Food Technology

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Lincoln Institute for Health

Comprising research groups from across all Colleges of the University, as well as staff from all NHS Trusts within Lincolnshire, the LIH provides a platform for internationally excellent, multi-disciplinary research focussed on health issues of national and international importance.

Lincoln Institute for Health

Lincoln Institute for Health - LIH

The Eleanor Glanville Centre

The Eleanor Glanville Centre is an interdisciplinary centre for inclusion, diversity and equality at the University of Lincoln. The overarching purpose of this Centre is to drive cultural change across the institution by linking our equality, diversity and inclusion mandates and initiatives with new interdisciplinary research and scholarly activities that bridge all four institutional colleges: Science, Arts, Social Science and Business.

The Eleanor Glanville Centre


Eleanor Glanville Centre