Research Showcase - Changing the World

At the University of Lincoln, research underpins all our academic endeavours. Staff and students within our three Colleges are working on research which can make a tangible difference to people’s lives. In the Research Showcases, we highlight a few examples where our research is changing the world.



Research specialists in the College of Arts are making a profound contribution to our understanding of the world around us, whether by preserving our most cherished architectural treasures, or examining our cultural history.

Arts Research Showcase

Image Steve Dutton, Steve Swindells - The Institute of Beasts



Academics from the College of Science are at the vanguard of technological and scientific endeavours to find innovative solutions to global challenges, from improving food security to developing new methods of cancer treatment.

Science Research Showcase

Science thumbnail


Social Science

Research by academics from the College of Social Science explores a diverse range of issues relevant to our society, from spearheading improvements in emergency healthcare to understanding the intricacies of regional economies.

Social Science Research Showcase

Social Science Research Showcase