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Living in Your University Accommodation

Moving away from home and into your student accommodation is a big step, but one that is very exciting. You are about to start life as an independent student with a place of your own, but when you live in university accommodation or partnership halls, you have the added bonus of dedicated staff to support you when you need it. We have put together this guide on what to expect and top tips for living away from home.

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From sport to societies, there is always something new to try at university, so being close to campus was incredibly important in my decision to move away from home. My initial nerves of moving into a new place were quickly allayed by the welcoming atmosphere, friendly community and network of academic and pastoral support available.

Chloe Rollings, LLB (Hons) Law student

Top Tips

There are so many questions when you move away from home, from what you need to bring to what it will be like living with flatmates. We have put together ten tips to help you get off to the best start when you move to Lincoln.

Once you have all of your personal belongings sorted, but make sure you think about other must-haves for your first year, such as books and study equipment, and sports gear if you have a hobby you want to keep up. The items provided in your accommodation (such as cutlery and bedding) will vary, so check what is included with your accommodation provider. Students need to arrange a TV Licence if they wish to watch live TV in their room and if it is not included in their rent. 

Moving to university is likely to be the first time you have had to manage your finances independently and it is vital you know how much you have to spend and what things will cost. Work out a budget that itemises how much money you will have coming in, either weekly, monthly, or termly, and then work out what you need to spend money on such as bills, food, books, travel, and nights out to create a manageable budget. Most importantly – stick to it!

If you are used to eating home cooked meals but not used to making them, it could be a good idea to spend some time in the kitchen before you come to university so that there will be a few staple meals you can make. This can help you manage your finances as you can plan meals in advance and make up lunches to take to university each day – and your flatmates will love having a chef on hand!

Your room is your own personal sanctuary at university, when you arrive take some to add your own touches like photos and favourite bedding so that it feels like home. Clear a space for working, as you will likely spend a lot of time doing coursework and reading in your room.


Your flatmates will be a big part of your life, so take some time to get to know each other, set out some rules for cleaning, allocate a space to store your food, and make some group decisions on personalising the shared living spaces you have. 

The start of university life can be a big change, and sometimes a friendly and familiar face can do wonders if you are feeling a bit anxious. Make sure that your loved-ones know how to use FaceTime or Skype – and take advantage of the free WiFi on campus to have a chat when you need one!

Our accommodation is in walking distance of the campus and the city centre, it is important to get outside to find out where your local shops are, how to get to the city centre, and your route to campus. Make sure you explore the campus itself; it will be your home for the next few years, and working out where you need to go for lectures and seminars, where the library is, and how to the get to the Students’ Union can be a big help in the first few weeks.

Living at university presents a lot of opportunities to enjoy the social side of student life alongside studying – and the Students’ Union is a great place to start. Go to Welcome Week at the start of the academic year where you can find out about clubs and societies which might be of interest.

You willl receive a lot of correspondence before starting university, from your official offer, UCAS information, and accommodation details, to your student loan, insurance details, and student bank account information. Ensure you read through everything thoroughly so you know what to expect and when.  

At the University of Lincoln, we have an excellent on-campus Student Support Centre which can help you with anything from homesickness and financial advice to mental health support. If you feel a bit overwhelmed, pop in to the centre and have a chat with the team who can offer expert, impartial advice.

Moving In 

The best way to find out about what it is like to move into your new university accommodation is to hear from those who have already done it. Student Adam Earl has some advice on taking those next steps.

Advice of Moving in to Your Accommodation