Accommodation FAQ

Q: What do I need to bring with me if I am going into residence at the main Brayford campus?

A: You will need to bring with you a selection of bedding and towels, and if you have an ensuite room, toilet rolls, a toilet brush and toilet cleaning products.

For the kitchen, you will need a small selection of crockery, cookware and cutlery, a tea towel cloth or two, large black plastic sacks for the rubbish bin, dusters, jay cloths and cleaning materials.

If you bring food with you please remember that you will have to share the freezer capacity with others so please do not bring too much.

If you bring a multi socket extension lead please ensure it meets BSI 363A (1984 Standards) – it will need to be individually fused, rather than an adaptor.

Q: If I live in Halls can I bring a pet?

A: Sorry, no pets are allowed. 

Q: If I live in a Catered Hall (Riseholme Park Campus) can I bring a kettle?

A: Yes. Many students bring small electrical appliances, however, please be aware of the relevant clause in your Accommodation Agreement.

Q: Do I need a TV Licence in Halls?

A: TV licences are not included so you will need to buy your own. 

Q: Can I arrive before the advised start date?

A: Halls of Residence are not available to students until the date of opening. However, if you have difficulties with transport - or in the case of international students, flight and travel plans - which make it difficult to arrive on the opening day, please contact our Accommodation Team who will do their best to advise or assist you.

Q: Can I arrive after the date advised in my offer of accommodation?

A: Yes, but if you intend to arrive outside of normal office hours – 9am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday, then please contact our Accommodation Team to advise them of your expected date and time of arrival.

Q: Do I need personal insurance for my belongings?

A:   All University Halls of Residence have contents insurance of up to £4,000 included in the Residence Fees. Further details of this scheme are provided on your arrival, with an option to increase the amount of cover if you wish.

Q: Can I have visitors in my room or flat?

A: Yes but all resident students are responsible for their own guests, in respect of security, disturbance and damage as outlined in the Accommodation Agreement.

Q: If I have accepted Catered Halls and find that I would prefer Self-Catered Halls is it possible to change?

A: If we have vacant rooms in other halls then yes, however there is an administrative charge for any transfers and an exchange of rooms is only possible between University-owned accommodation.

Q: Do I move my belongings out of Catered Halls during Christmas and Easter vacation periods?

A: Yes, as during these periods of time the University may have other accommodation bookings. The Accommodation Team has information on storage companies who offer a student rate if required.

If you have any other queries, please contact the Accommodation Service on +44 (0)1522 886231/886198 or email