Tuition Fee Loans

UK undergraduate students are eligible for a loan to cover the total cost of tuition fees from the Student Loans Company, as are most EU students.

Students are entitled to a maintenance loan – an amount of which will be available to all students irrespective of household income. This will be added to the tuition fee loan and repaid in the same process.

Please check that you are eligible to pay UK/EU fees by checking out our eligibility guide. If you are an International student please go to the International fees and funding page. 

How Your Loan is Repaid

You only start paying back your tuition fee loan once you have graduated and are earning above £25,000*. Repayments are made at the rate of 9% of income above £25,000*. For example, a graduate earning £29,000 a year would repay less than £7.50 a week. 


Annual repayment

Monthly repayment






















Part-time Students

New part-time students can apply for a non means-tested tuition fee loan of up to £6,750, depending upon the actual tuition charge for their course.  Students have to be studying at an intensity of at least 25% of a full-time equivalent course.

Part-time students who earn over £25,000* a year have to start paying back their loans after four years even if their course hasn't finished.

*£25,000 repayment threshold is applicable to new students commencing their study in 18/19, continuing students will still be subject to the £21,000 repayment threshold.

Changes in Circumstances

Students should report all changes of income or family circumstances to the Student Loans Company (SLC).

  • If your course, income or family circumstances change after you apply for student finance, you need to let the Student Loans Company know as it may affect what you’re entitled to.
  • If you want to make any changes to your student finance application, login to your online account and select ‘change your application’.
  • Any changes you make will mean SLC have to re-assess your application.
  • Most changes take at least 6 weeks to process, however some changes will be processed within 48 hours – check your online account for updates.
  • SLC will contact you by post once your changes have been approved.

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