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Living and studying in a new country can be overwhelming but it can also be really exciting. You will make new friends, try different food and of course experience the ever changing British weather! Plus there will be lots of opportunities to participate in many new and exciting things.

We realise that moving away from home can be a big change and we are here to support you with any challenges you may face. This guide aims to help you settle into life in Lincoln as easily as possible.

Guide to faster travel through the UK border

In order to reduce long queues and waiting times, please read the Guide to faster travel through the UK border.

The page notifies you of your options, including:
•    Whether the EU/UK or Non-EU lane is right for you
•    If you are eligible to use ePassport gates at airports
•    What you need to have ready and to hand prior to identity checks
•    How non-EU travellers can improve their UK border experience, with faster journey times through Border Controls by becoming a Registered Traveller member.  


We are happy to help

If you have any questions regarding arrival into the UK, please email