12th September 2000




Graduates looking for an insight into European law will be invited to apply for a new course at the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside.


The LLM in European Law will provide a critical perspective on a dynamic social and economic institution.


Whilst the curriculum will examine specific aspects of European law, one of the main distinguishing features of the award is that the first stage of this postgraduate course will include consideration of how aspects of European policy are developed.   It is anticipated that this will be of interest to a wide variety of people, not merely those within the legal profession. 


The second and third stage will then concentrate on specific aspects of European law.  The degree will draw on the expertise of Law Department academic staff at the university and the European Policy Research Centre based at the Lincoln campus.


 “We see the course as being of interest not only to law graduates wishing to continue their legal education but also to practitioners,” said Liz Hall, course leader.  “They may be interested in undertaking the full award on a part-time basis or in taking individual units where they wish to update their expertise in specific areas.”


The postgraduate course will recruit from September 2001.  The individual units are accredited by the Law Society as short courses for Continuing Professional Development purposes, and the university is applying for accreditation of the full award.




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