10th March 2003




Murder is on the mind of one lecturer at the University of Lincoln this week.


Richard Gibson, senior lecturer in Journalism, has written a murder mystery farce based on an idea inspired when out for a meal with his wife, Julie.


The play entitled ‘Dead Reckoning’ – which opens at the Riverhead Theatre in Louth this evening (10th March) focuses on the idea that women are capable of doing more than one thing at a time. 


In this case a woman out for a meal with her husband is eavesdropping on the conversation at an adjacent table – coincidentally that of their next-door neighbour.


Mistaking the words ‘perfect merger’ for ‘perfect murder’ the eavesdropper assumes she has overheard her neighbour planning the imminent demise of his wife and informs her husband.


During a visit to the neighbour’s house to find evidence and possibly scupper the murder, they inadvertently leave clues which lead the husband to believe his wife is having an affair, thus creating the motive for a murder!


“The idea came to me when my wife and I were out for a meal,” said Richard. “She was talking to me but listening to the conversations at the other tables. 


“I just wondered what would happen if she misheard the conversation.


“What makes the play work so well is that the whole situation is so plausible.


“It only took me five days to write, but there was quite a bit of thought that went into it before I put pen to paper.”


Mr Gibson also directed the play which opens the new Louth Playgoers season of performances at the new £2.3 million Riverhead Theatre on Victoria Road in Louth.


Dead Reckoning opens at 7.30pm this evening with the last performance on Friday 15th March.  Tickets cost £5.50 or £5 for members.


For more information call the Riverhead Theatre Box Office on 01507 600350. 


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