19th May 2003




Students from the University of Lincoln in Hull have put their skills to good use by developing a radical new design for an area of a local art gallery.


A brief was set for all 2nd year Museum and Exhibition Design students to re-design the café area at the Usher Gallery into a craft retail space and Janita Elton, the keeper of visitor and community services at the Usher Gallery, then selected the six best designs.


“Janita wanted us to use raw materials and have the concept of a new direction and to be modern, my design was a glass gallery,” said 2nd year MED student, Andrew Hebblewhite (20).


“I got my inspiration from the glass sculptor Danny Lane, where he made a glass chair showing the sharpness of glass and also how it reflects.  I also wanted to use concrete blocks to mimic the Causeway. 


“It was in my design to incorporate glass blowing and red neon lights to get that industrial feel.  I also wrote into the design to use industrial flooring.”


The other students from the University of Lincoln whose proposals will be exhibited in the existing café area, include Sarah Bell (21), Peter MacDermid (20), Jon Bird (20), Steve McCoy (21) and Tom Kelly (20).


“The six most outstanding designs have been selected for display at the gallery,” said Pam Locker, senior lecturer in Museum and Exhibition Design at Hull School of Architecture.


“This project was partly set up to gain closer links between the university and the council.”


The exhibition will be on display in the café area of the Usher Gallery from 10 o’clock tomorrow morning (Tuesday 20th May).


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