13th May 2003





A touch of Scandinavia has come to the University of Lincoln in the form of a Swedish tutor returning to England for a visit after nearly twenty years.


Silvia Malberg from Linköping in Sweden is an English lecturer at Vreta-Västerby College.  She is visiting the Lincolnshire School of Agriculture at Riseholme Park until next week.


Silvia lived in Hemel Hempstead for five and a half years where she worked as a tailor before returning to Sweden in 1985 as a teacher.


“I’m here to get the language, because I don’t have a very good vocabulary so I want to learn words and also look at the culture,” she says.


Steve Fox, programme leader for FE Forestry at the University of Lincoln, says: “Silvia is a language teacher in Sweden, she’s come over here looking at forestry to gain technical knowledge and skills.”


Vreta-Västerby College is a Further Education agricultural college on the south-eastern coast of Sweden, which instructs around 400 students in agriculture and forestry.


Silvia is not the first foreign language tutor the Lincolnshire School of Agriculture has catered for.  In November last year Gunnel Nilsson, also from Vreta-Västerby College, arrived at Riseholme Park.


“We already have strong links with the college, and we normally send forestry students over there,” Steve says.


She is pleased to be back: “I’m here to see the culture as well.  I’ve already been to Derbyshire, Buxton and Bakewell and I was also taken around Hilton to see the beautiful landscape.”


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