8th December 2005




One of the university’s leading academics in the Faculty of Business and Law, John McManus, has written a book on effective leadership due to be published in January 2006.


John who is a senior research fellow in the Department of Corporate Strategy has written seven books in total, edited nine and has had papers published in numerous journals.


The book entitled ‘LEADERSHIP: Project and Human Capital Management’ examines the ingredients needed for success in project management.


John explains, “Project managers often see themselves as catalysts or interventionists. They expect to achieve a great deal, but need to realise they can achieve little without the efforts of others.


“Leadership in the context of project management requires vision and the ability and courage to guide individuals and teams of people to fulfilling and rewarding experiences.


“This book is a practical guide for project managers and demonstrates how empowerment can be used to achieve results and how to engage and influence others to achieve project goals.”


John who is also Professor of Management Sciences at the Rushmore Institute in the United States has taught students on undergraduate and postgraduate business degree courses at the University of Lincoln since 2003.


The book published by Elsevier Butterworth-Heinemann will be in the shops in January and is the last in a trilogy on project management. The previous two books are entitled ‘Risk Management in Software Development Projects’ andManaging Stakeholders in Software Development Projects’.


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