Our Honorary Graduates

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An honorary degree is the highest honour that the University of Lincoln bestows. A small number of honorary degrees are awarded annually, to those who have made a major contribution to their chosen field at national or international level. The University also awards Honorary Fellowships, to those who have served the University in an outstanding capacity as members of staff or governors, and are usually given upon their retirement from their post.

Honorary Showcase

Reginald D Hunter - Honorary Doctor of Arts, January 2018

Stand-up Comedian and Actor Reginald D Hunter was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Arts degree at the Graduation Ceremony of University of Lincoln on 24th January 2018.The famous American Actor, Writer and Comedian is well known for his appearances in various TV shows like Have I Got News For You and The Unbelievable Truth amongst many others.

Willi Meixner - Honorary Doctor of Engineering, January 2018

Willi Meixner, Chief Executive Officer of the Power and Gas Division at global engineering giant Siemens AG, Germany recieves the award Doctor of Engineering, honoris causa from the University of Lincoln on 24 January 2018 in a ceremony held at the impressive 11th Century Lincoln Cathedral. 

Dame Stephanie Shirley - Honorary Doctor of Science, 2014

Dame Stephanie Shirley became an Honorary Doctor of Science at the University of Lincoln in 2014. An early pioneer of computing, she is one of the country's most celebrated entrepreneurs and philanthropists. The Shirley Foundation is now one of the top 50 grant-giving foundations in the UK.

John Sergeant

John Sergeant - Honorary Doctor of Letters 2013

John Sergeant has become one of the nation’s most distinguished journalists. He has reported from more than 25 countries for ITV and the BBC, for whom he was Chief Political Correspondent for 12 years. In September 2013 he became an Honorary Doctor of Letters at the University of Lincoln.

Candice Pellett

Dr Candice Pellett - Honorary Doctor of Science 2016

Dr Candice Pellett is an inspirational District Nurse and Practice Teacher. She has been recognised as a Queen's Nurse and was awarded OBE in 2014 for services to Healthcare. Dr Pellett became an Honorary Doctor of Science at the University of Lincoln in 2016.

The following list provides the names of all of our distinguished honorands, whom we congratulate and welcome as an integral part of the University of Lincoln Alumni community.